Thursday, February 13, 2014

No More Stories.. (1st Year, Sem 2, 2014/14)


it's quiet a long time since the last time wrote here.hmm, there's nothing to tell about..not because I don't have any kind of stories .I just got no feeling on writing this..pretty bad ,uh?.. guess what? this is my second semester Year 1 in URP..very long journey,you know?.. I didn't tell u guys any stories of last sem.. #longsigh.. I don't know why,maybe because the last sem I don't have interesting story .. last sem is the busiest sem ever for me," it's not bad,but it's kind of worse.." said Mat Lutfi ..haha.. (laugh for nothing.-..-") and yet, I'm still here ..struggling to achieve my goal.  This tough moment ..this breath ..become my part of life. I'm not saying that I hate it..I strive hard for it..because I love it..URP is not my interest,but its my passion. I'm not burdened by it, I'm just get a little tired ..thats all.. 

Currently,I'm doing my first project for this sem.. the site is at Bandar Baru Sungai Buaya,Rawang. My leader for this project is Anim, my best friend :)  having a great time with her. At last, we're in the same group..Also my group members, Aliah,Ili, Roza, Syazwan..I really appreciate all the things we do it together.. I can't wait to go to the site visit..hihi (pleaseeee -..-")  whatever that might  be happen,.. I know that this may be the hard time for you guys..but I really hope that we will face it together..and last but not least..wish me and my friends luck .ok. :)

#having a feeling to write in English..hope u don't mind. I'm still learning. hoho 

IIUM, Gombak.
11:26 PM
13 Februari 2014 

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