Sunday, December 29, 2013

Final Project - (1st Year, Sem 1, 2013/14)

Assalamualaikum..salam sejahtera kepada anda semua moga bahagia~
To begin with..on this post, i'm not going to tell u guys all of the stories for this sem but i'll show u some 
pictures that can describe all the things insyaAllah
[tetiba mai angin nak speaking -..-"]
So, this is the flow..

This is the 6 design panel for site analysis..basically i do this using power point bcoz at that time,i'm not master in Photoshop CS6..hoho.. so it may turn like the picture above..

After we doing site analysis, we must prepared a layout plan.. (tak jumpa cari mana layout plan aku..huhu)

Model making in progress..

tq my Groupmate :)
Dari Kiri atas: Aida, Ainuddin, Amer, Izzat Basar, Me
Dari Kiri bawah: Cikgu,Anim, Amirul


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